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Pathworks CAD software brochure

CAD software for manufacturers working with flat patterns.

Pathworks CAD software for marker making

No matter what CAD package you’re currently using to replace flat patterns, you’ll enjoy the ease and simplicity of Pathworks® – a powerful CAD utility that allows you to transfer, import or create cut files in minutes.

PathWorks® increases your profitability through reduced lead time, greater material utilisation and less dependency on highly skilled operators.

With only a few hours of training, anyone can learn to master digitising of flat patterns, nest optimisation, marker making and lay planning!


PathWorks® enables digitising of any two dimensional shape from photographed, scanned or imported image files. The patented PhotoDigitiser® option gives you ultimate flexibility! Receive patterns from anyone, anywhere. Digitise in PathWorks® and go to production with fully optimised markers in minutes.

Photo digitizing software for fast marker making

PhotoDigitising– PathWorks® patented photo digitising option has significant advantages over traditional digitising techniques. Patterns no longer need to be restricted to a particular size or geographical location. Pattern photos can be received from around the world in digital format, digitised and nested within minutes.


PathWorks® integrated suite of tools enables the operator to quickly and easily create and edit segments. PathWorks® has been designed so that anyone can learn to use it in less than 30 minutes. Lay planning has never been easier!

Path tools: Knife, Pen, Drill, Grain Line, & Pattern Match.
Editing tools: split line, close shape, circle, square, radius, add point, delete point, rotate to level, mirror data, measure, curve tool, notch tool, starting point, cut direction & seam allowance, plus unlimited undo’s.

Pathworks suite of editing tools makes marker making and lay planning a breeze


Optimal material utilisation can be achieved with PathWorks® unique nesting features.

Automatic Nesting*

Automatic Nesting (Automatic marker making) will generate the most efficient nests possible in minutes, saving time, labour and eliminating skill required.

Magnetic Nesting

With PathWorks® unique ‘magnetic nesting’ feature users can easily create new markers, edit existing markers or combine any part or combination of markers.

PathWorks® nesting is also a great tool for fast and accurate costing’s, establishing the precise amount of fabric required to complete an order prior to manufacture.

Pathworks nesting options

Lay Planning
Every cutting room is different, so it is important that software can offer optimised lay planning to maximise cutting room production. PathWorks® integrates a standard feature that enables nesting of pattern shapes across multiple tables, taking advantage of the maximum spread lengths possible, therefore maximizing spreading table resource, labour spreading resource and material yield.